Sealing & Expungement for Florida Criminal Records

Sealing & Expungement for Florida Criminal Records

Sealing & Expungement for Florida Criminal Records

A criminal record remains open to the public, even if the arrest was for a minor offense, and can impact an individual’s personal life and career. Collateral consequences may include difficulty in finding or maintaining employment, possessing a firearm, qualifying for housing and educational opportunities, or achieving professional licenses. This legal process can clear your name to help you move forward with your life. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at LAR Legal Group, can help you get the fresh start you are seeking.


Sealing versus Expungement

Sealing a record does not erase a criminal history. However, it makes it less available to the public. It may be accessed with a court order and viewed by select government agencies and law enforcement. Sealed records do not show up on background checks.

Expungement removes an arrest, meaning a criminal record is physically destroyed. Only the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) keeps a copy of the record for extremely limited purposes. 


Eligibility to Clear a Criminal Record

Many crimes are not eligible for sealing or expungement pursuant to Florida Law. Some types of crimes may be eligible for sealing but not expungement. Florida law allows the sealing or expungement of one case in a lifetime. When one arrest has numerous charges, a judge can use their discretion to expunge the charges entirely or in part. Generally, those convicted of a prior offense do not meet the criteria to have a case sealed or expunged.


Criminal Records of Juveniles

The sealing or expungement of juvenile records works differently than for adults. Florida law provides several statutory expungement options for juvenile offenders. Recent changes in the law allow juveniles to expunge their criminal record after they complete a diversion program, except for forcible felonies. The sooner a juvenile record is expunged, the sooner a juvenile offender can plan for a successful future.


We Ensure that Your Rights are Protected

At LAR Legal Group, Attorneys at Law, let us review your case to determine if you meet the criteria to have your record sealed or expunged. Our attorneys can help you navigate the process, strengthen your application, prevent delays, and represent you at a hearing to give you the best chance for a favorable outcome. We have helped countless clients clear their names of misdemeanor and felony charges. 

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